"I figure why not just write this in the first person...hahaha!"

   "So yea...hi...my name is Steve Rocco Parrillo. I'm a Stand-up Comedian living on Long Island. Been doing this for about 8 years now. It's been fun! Lots of ups and downs but overall I've been enjoying the journey."

   "My act is based around my life and my experiences, while also implementing an exaggeration of my personality. Some people say my act and my persona are very unique. Others say its unsettling and want me to go away...hahah! But anyone that actually knows me would tell you that underneath my dark exterior is a heart of gold."

   "I'm writing this updated bio in Mid November of 2020. The Covid-19 Virus pretty much destroyed the entertainment industry. However, I am going my best to keep comedy ALIVE!"


   "I've done a lot of cool stuff in this comedy journey. I did a lot of stuff with the Laughter Saves Lives Foundation and The Long Island Comedy Festival. I've recently been getting spots here and there at the Governor's Comedy Clubs. Done a lot of locally produced shows as well as produced my own over the years. I've traveled all around the tri-state area doing comedy also. But right now with the virus, gigs are far and few between. LOL! Will keep you posted!